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In English

Starting martial arts via basic training

  • Prices of the basic training
  • Starting times
  • Signing up and payment
  • Course conditions and association’s principles
  • Needed equipment

GB Gym ry offers excellent opportunities to do mixed martial arts (MMA), Brazilian jiujitsu (BJJ), submission grappling, kickboxing, thaiboxing, and traditional boxing. A beginner gets introduced to a new martial art by going through the basic course and more experienced aficionados can go to the advanced classes straight away. For kids and juveniles there are their own MMA and BJJ groups where they can join without the need for a basic course first.

In every martial art the basic course lasts for 12 weeks (8 weeks course + 4 weeks training in the more experienced group) and during that time there will be two training sessions each week. The basic training gives an introduction to the basic techniques of the sport as well as sport-specific vocabulary, rules, and normal practices. There is no need for a prior experience when signing up for the basic courses or to be in an excellent physical shape: in the beginning the force and intensity of the training will be on a level that people with all kinds of starting points have the possibility to adjust to the physical load. After the basic training the person will have enough skills and condition to go and train in the advanced classes.

The price of the basic course is 110 €

The price entails the basic training (90 €) and membership fee (20 €), and there is a separate deposit (10 €) for personal access control badge. There will come an invoice including the basic training and membership fee and the access control badge will be paid at the gym when the basic course starts.

Two basic courses for the same person for the same training period will cost 150 €.

If you are already a member and have paid the training fee for the current training period (see prices) then the basic course will cost 50 €.

Basic courses include four weeks of training in the more advanced group in the end of the course.

Schedule for the basic courses of 2023

Basic course 1/2023 Basic course 2/2023 Basic course 3/2023 Basic course 4/2023
Thu 20.0–21.30
Sat 13–14.30Additional session:
Thu 17.30–18.30 (fitness boxing)

+ 5.3.–2.4 all MMA training sessions


+ 7.5.–4.6. all MMA training sessions


+ 1.10.–29.10. all MMA training sessions


+ 26.11.–22.12. all MMA training sessions

Brazilian jiujitsu
Mon 20.30–22.00
Thu 19.00–20.30Additional session:
Thu 17.30–18.30 (fitness boxing)

+ 5.3.–3.4.  all BJJ and submission grappling training sessions


+ 7.5.–4.6.  all BJJ and submission grappling training sessions


+ 1.10.–29.10. all BJJ and submission grappling training sessions


+ 26.11.–22.12. all BJJ and submission grappling training sessions

Tue 17.00–18.30
Fri 17.00–18.30 Additional session:
Thu 17.30–18.30 (fitness boxing)

+ 5.3.–3.4. all kickboxing training sessions


+ 7.5.–4.6. all kickboxing training sessions


+ 1.10.–29.10. all kickboxing training sessions


+ 26.11.–22.12. all kickboxing training sessions

Mon 20.00–21.30
Wed 18.30–20.00Additional session:
Thu 17.30–18.30 (fitness boxing)

+ 5.3.–3.4. all boxing training sessions

13.3.–4.5.+ 7.5.–4.6. all boxing training sessions 7.8.–1.10.

+ 1.10.–29.10. all boxing training sessions


+ 26.11.–23.12. all boxing training sessions

There is no separate basic course for submission grappling. To participate in the advanced classes it is mandatory to have the basic skills already and those are taught in the basic courses of both Brazilian jiujitsu (BJJ) and mixed martial arts (MMA).

Sign-up and paying

There are limited amount of people taken in the basic courses so advanced signing up is mandatory. Please, get to know the conditions of the courses as well as the rules and principles of our association before signing up.

The sign-up happens through our association’s memberships registry and invoicing system. After registering you will get a username and a password via email, which you can then use to sign-in and sign-up for courses. In the end the system will send you an invoice to your email address: you can make the payment either through online banking or at the gym with a card (debit/credit/Electron). Unfortunately, we cannot accept cash at this point.

Please take notice of these possibilities:

  • If you pay through online banking the info usually takes a couple of days to go through to our registry. To ensure immediate access to the gym, please take the receipt of the payment with you when you come.
  • If you are attending two basic courses simultaneously or you’re already a member and paid the seasonal fee (see prices), the correct sum will not update through the system automatically. In this situation we hope you contact us before making the payment.
  • If you have wellbeing/sport vouchers (Smartum and Nets), you can withhold the payment until the course starts. Then we can process the vouchers in the reception over the first training sessions.

Sign up here

See prices for advanced training groups here

Course conditions and association’s principles

Cancelling your course spot

You can cancel your spot in the basic course two weeks before the start at the latest. Do should do it in writing either via email (kamppailu@gbgym.com) or letter (GB Gym ry, Mekaanikonkatu 21, 00880 Helsinki). The paid fee will, thus, be returned.

In case of injury

If you injure yourself in the beginning part of the course the fee will not be returned but you can attend the next basic training free of charge. In this kind of a situation we wish for you to present us with a doctor’s certificate, for example, at the reception.

The fee will not be returned if you wish to discontinue the course for unrelated reasons.

Common principles of GB Gym ry

  1. GB Gym ry has not insured the people training in the gym and is not liable for the personal property of its members.
  2. The badges used for accessing are personal: you are not allowed to give them for others to use and you cannot let other people enter the facilities with them. If your badge gets lost you should inform the reception of the gym. You may lose your rights to train within our association and its facilities for misuse of the badge.
  3. Leave your outdoor shoes in the shoe racks in the reception area.
  4. Do not bring animals into the gym.
  5. Do not leave a child unattended for the duration of the training.
  6. Training or spending time while under the influence of alcohol or other substances is prohibited. Use of doping substances in the gym is prohibited. Racist or political shirts etc. garments are prohibited.
  7. The gym is open for free training for all who have paid the current season whenever there are no coached training, training camps, competitions, etc. organized activity. With the personal access badge you have free access to the facilities on weekdays from 6.00 to 22.00 and during weekends from 8.00 to 20.00.

Principles regarding training

  1. Use the skills you learn only in training or competitions.
  2. In every training you must follow the instructions and commands of the instructor holding the session.
  3. Wait for your training session to start outside of the training area.
  4. Be on time for every session and use equipment meant for said martial art. Maintain your and your equipment on a good level of cleanliness and hygiene.
  5. If you are late for your training session you need to ask permission to participate from the instructor.
  6. If you need to leave the sessions before its actual finishing time you need to inform about the matter to the instructor.
  7. Avoid unnecessary hanging out and moving in the training area when there are training practice going on.
  8. Do not store your property on the training area during training.


It is important to consider the people you train with by keeping good care of your personal hygiene. Finger and toe nails should be cut so that no wounds or scratches happen. It is also good to wash your feet before continuing to the training area/tatami as most martial arts are done with bare feet. We recommend using flip-flops/sandals when you go from the dressing room to the training mat. All jewellery, watches, and piercings should be removed for the duration of the training. These can be dangerous to yourself as well as to the people you train with. At the first training session of the basic training the instructor will go through more specifically the gym etiquette and the basic practices of your chosen martial art. Feel free to ask anything that you are wondering about the training itself or anything that has to do with the course from the instructors.

The equipment needed for the basic course

In the beginning of the basic training course a t-shirt, shorts/slacks, and a water bottle are all you need. The people attending the basic course for boxing should also have shoes fit for boxing, such as boxing or wrestling shoes or any other indoor pair. People training other martial arts would do well with having indoor sandals or flip-flops for walking from the dressing rooms to the training area. The instructors of the basic courses will inform about the equipment you need and where you can get them at a later part of the course.